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Make It a Party with Sizzix by Sizzix

The book, Make It a Party with Sizzix  by Sizzix is so much fun in one book! It actually is packed with party ideas that can be created with the Sizzix machine and used to celebrate any special occasion. The book has your decorative ideas for invitations, decorations, party favors and even gifts! So from the beginning to the end, the party is completely covered with the Sizzix Machine, just need to supply the food. ☺
I love the book, it's such a great way to make birthday parties special for children or to create a baby shower, holiday party, football parties, or any type of get together fun! If your into crafts than this book really is perfect, plus that you get to take out the Sizzix and make some fun decor and items with the machine. I think the reason I find this to be so much fun and a great book for the paper crafter, is that well I own a Sizzix, always looking for new ideas and something I can do at home to make for any type of party coming up. 
The book can cover so many pieces of a party, that if I don't want to just make it a party, but use the invitations for a meeting or the Homemade gift ideas for any occasion, I can do that as well! However, for a full party this book has you covered, with bright and colorful pages and guidance to creating each fun design. It's like those Crafting Magazines, which one that I use to buy is the Card Making Magazine. However, this book is revolving on the Sizzix not to much other machines or items to cut the pages out. So the Make It a Party with Sizzix is such a complete party book for creating a great one and is so fun and easy to folow!
Excellent book‼☺♥
Information About The Author:
The Sizzix brand is one of the best known and most respected brands in the craft industry. With products in every craft chain store as well as distribution with Stampin'UP via home parties the company is always cutting edge and timeless in the design of its products. By manufacturing tools that cut endless kinds of materials, their designs offer unlimited creative options and value no matter the consumer's creative discipline. The Sizzix design team has created popular award-winning projects in every category from jewelry to quilting and every design style from scrapbook baby-cute to Victorian fancy. 

Book Information:
Author: Sizzix
Format: Softbound, 144 pages
ISBN: 9781589239333
Publisher: Creative Publishing International
Size: 8x8
Published: Jan 1, 2016
Price: 19.99

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