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LaFosse & Alexander's Origami Jewelry Easy-to-Make by Michael G. LaFosse, Richard L. Alexander

The book,  LaFosse & Alexander's Origami Jewelry by Michael G. LaFosse, Richard L. Alexander is made of wonderful jewelry ideas using Origami! I love Origami, it's a great relaxing art that uses paper and imagination to creating fun decorative shapes. However, this book allows the use of Jewelry and Origami together, something you can wear and enjoy as jewelry! 
Every piece in this book is easily illustrated and simple to follow along and create my own and even make others some fun unique style jewelry, with the right paper it looks so stylish and different! I think each piece is very unique and something that you'll never see on anyone else. I love that the directions are easy and it's not difficult to make, just taking jewelry pieces and paper and putting it together.
I so can make fun earrings and necklaces with no others help, since it's just using origami and taking a few extras to attach it, such as string for the neck or hooks for the earrings.
Fun and a great thing for all girls who want to create their own fashionable jewelry. 
I highly recommend this book and the fun pieces you'll get to make inside! ☺♥
Information About The Author:
Michael G. LaFosse
Origami Master Michael G. LaFosse has been an origami artist for over 40 years, and is considered a leading authority and master of the art. An avid teacher, LaFosse co-founded the Origamido Studio, a learning center and design studio dedicated to the art of origami, and the only place in the world specializing in hand papermaking for the origami artist. Author of many books and videotapes relating to paperfolding and hand papermaking, LaFosse produces fine paper art and commercial designs for a variety of international clients. He was prominently featured in the recent Peabody Award-winning documentary, Between the Folds.

Richard L. Alexander
Richard L. Alexander co-founded the Origamido Studio, where he is the chief papermaker. As a designer his specialties have included biology (systems ecology) and landscape architecture. Together, Alexander and LaFosse have created dozens of origami exhibitions, and more than seventy books, kits, and videos about paper and paper arts.

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