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How to Code in 10 Easy Lessons Learn how to design and code your very own computer game by Sean McManus

The book, How to Code in 10 Easy Lessons by Author Sean McManus makes it super simple to code in 10 lessons only! I love things that are easier to grasp and simple. However, this is perfect for all types of beginners in coding, which is why it interested me.There is not too much complicated information or things to understand, as this book breaks it down for you, making it simpler and easier to use and begin coding fast!
The book is so bright with illustration, which actually holds my attention. Each page has guidance to learning coding and how to set it up.So for the book on coding, this one will keep you interested and help you step by step, while you learn. The lessons, there are ten total. They aren't difficult or long and boring. Instead, they break coding down to simpler steps.
The steps You'll be taught in the book:
1. Understanding coding
2. Mastering tools
3. Getting your bearings
4. Don't Repeat Yourself
5. Making Decisions 
6.Using Variables
7.Planning your Game
8.Building your platform Game
9.Building your website
10.Style your website
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So really in each piece of the book, your given step by step and even lessons that you participate to create your own game using Scratch. This book is great and really packed with so much for such a small book! You don't need to go to webdesign school or get a degree in web design to understand coding, when you have this book in your hands!
Excellent book, very simple to follow! ☺♥
Information About The Author:
Sean McManus is a Code Club volunteer, teaching programming and web design at a junior school in London, UK. He is the author of Scratch Programming in Easy Steps, and Web Design in Easy Steps, and the co-author of Raspberry Pi For Dummies. Visit his website at for Scratch resources and more.

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