Saturday, November 7, 2015

GreatStar Tools - Goldblatt 24in. Double View Vertical Site I-box Spirit Level

The Goldblatt 24in. Double View Level is perfect to get an even placement to many items I'm working with, even when I'm working with DIY projects! The size is very nice at 24 inches and works great for larger projects, that many small ones may not be helpful with. However, this Level is nicely created, very thick in width and has a strong durable design that won't cause it to break or get destroyed easily after a few uses. 
Center View
Features that make this my favorite Level:
  • Size - 24 inches
  • Design - Sturdy, durable exterior with UV finish (prevents the color to fade) and it's made of a hard to ruin Aluminum.
  • Outdoors or Indoors - Can work for so many things, no matter where its being used!
  • Easy Reading - It's simple to read the level and get an even measurement!
  • Handle - For a long Level, there is a nice size handle that is comfortable to hold and allows for easy to travel with and take from one place to another.
Right Side
Left Side
Finally, this is just a wonderful tool and perfect for professionals and even the at home crafter like myself! ☺♥

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