Sunday, October 25

Workpro 5-piece Pliers Set (10" Slip Joint, 8" Linesman, 8" Long Nose, 6" Diagonal, 10" Groove Joint) - GreatStar Tools

I am so happy to have Workpro 5-piece Pliers Set set of Tools! They really come in handy and the sizes are a must have for certain jobs. The length of each are perfect for reaching and not having to work super close to the object that I'm repairing or working on. Plus, the handles have a nice comfort matted grip. The colors always remind me of America with the blue and red, but it really is a wonderful and handy set to have in the house!

Favorite part of these tools:
  • 5 Professional Pieces - There are a total of 5 different types of Pliers in this set, each perfect for certain jobs around the house and outdoors.
  • Size/Length - Very long and allows my hand to hold firmly with use!
  • Quality - Very nicely made tools! Strong steel with matted handles and nice size heads to these tools for a strong and sturdy grip when working with them.
Finally, I love the set and each are very easy to to work with and I don't struggle to open and close them on the object I'm focusing on.
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