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Workpro 3.6v Lithium-ion Auto-loading Screwdriver, Cordless & Rechargeable, Quick Change Bits, 12-piece Bits Included

I was looking for the perfect, small Screwdriver and the Workpro 3.6v Screwdriver is just what I needed! It's so easy to use, has all the bits right on the device itself, and is rechargeable!
I don't have to keep it plugged in to use and when ever I need a screwdriver to use for small or even large projects. The power is 3.6volts, but still good enough for my home repairs and additions.
Features I love so much about this Workpro 3.6v Screwdriver:
  • Design - Very comfortable to handle shape, like a regular gun. It allows the hand to comfortably grip the entire handle and press when ready to send power to the bit. There is a nice thickness and a non-slip covering that gives me more of a grab on and not lose the screwdriver, while using it. The revolving part on top, allows me to instantly change the bits and I don't need to stop where I'm at to pick up a new one. 
  • Speed - 3.6v of speed, which is perfect for household and outdoor projects!
  • Storage Case - Nice strong, locking storage case, which is excellent to keep my screwdriver protected and able to take anyplace with me. 
  • Rechargeable - Able to charge my device and not need to keep it plugged in. I can use it without the cord and charge it up when I need it for my next use.  Runs a good 3-5 hours after a full charge
  • Everything included - Everything is in the box and its so easy to use and setup!
Pres the button on top and push forward to load the bit of choice. There is also a window that allows you to see the bit

Charge cord plugs into the bottom
Finally, this is so nice and easy to use for everyone! It's great or beginners to the expert and I'm so glad to have this in my home and now can tackle my huge and small projects, I've been planning to work on.
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