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Viatek - Hairpro Laser Loss Hair Brush

The Viatek HairPRO is one of  the best products I've ever tried! I am so happy to have the Hairpro, as it's meant to assist in helping the hair grow and stop losing. The many products out there I've tried can help activate the growth of the hair, but sometimes it really isn't enough! For me this is true, I noticed a change in my hair growth as I got older and from going from super thick to not as much and nothing really helped.

However, I am so pleased to have really taken that step and try this product! So far I'm not getting any bad or horrible effects after every use! Instead, my hair feels well massaged and it just feels great!☺♥ So far, I think this is just a wonderful step to really regaining the hair that is lost and even helping stimulate the scalp with a great massage. 
What I love is that it's all in one product which I'm so enjoying  the benefits, and can't wait to see after awhile the hair to come in thicker and be as natural as it's always been! 

Features I love about the Hairpro Laser Loss Hair Brush by Viatek:
1.) There is no chemicals you need to apply to the scalp, just use the 36 LED Stimulating lights 
2.) Easy to Use/Operate and can be done at anytime. There is two simple buttons to control the level of the laser and the LED Function button.
3.) Portable with the use of just 2 Triple A batteries.
4.) Great for massaging and increase blood circulation to the scalp.
5.) Light weight
6.) Not very expensive and lasts for a long time!
7.) Really nice brush design, unlike many helmet hair lasers.

Finally, it's affordable and can be done anywhere, which some machines need to be plugged in. So even if I'm traveling or use someplace other than indoors, I can actually do so and still receive a wonderful massage each time! ☺♥ I have to say Viatek Hairpro is a terrific product and so far the massage I receive is just the best! ☺♥

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