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The Ultimate Book of Decorative Knots by Lindsey Philpott

The book, The Ultimate Book of Decorative Knots by Lindsey Philpott is full of so many different knots that you can make for all types of items! I could even decorate my mops handle or add to outdoor objects, and make for presents and other projects! There are so many types you can make with knots. Some of these are stars, flat knots, braided types, covering knots and just so much you can make with the easy to follow guidance in the book. I love that the book is very informative and detailed with photos to help guide you through each step. It really is a book that any beginner can learn to use and not just for experts or outdoor projects. 

This book is made to be used by many, with all the detailed knots and ideas you can make it's amazing! My favorite would have to be the ornamental knots you can make from the book. There are so many beautiful ones listed and easy to follow guidance.  However, if I had to choose one to make often, for my family and my friends would be the Dog Chew Toy. Yes, they are made of knots and dogs always love them! I know because I'm always buying them for my two dogs and as gifts. So to create my own and make my dogs even happier with all the different ones they can play with, is wonderful! Plus the guidance through each step makes it a piece of cake.  
I don't really want to say that is the only one I really love because there are so many I can make and the book has such lovely ones I could use to decorate my entire house with or outdoor objects. Of course, most of the rope or yarn used in the book is using heavy duty and thick type seen in Macrame, but there are other projects that rely on lighter rope and softer types. Therefore, the book is great for anyone interested in making interesting decorations with knots!
Finally, it's an excellent book and such a helpful guide to making knots.
Information About The Author:
Lindsey Philpott is the president of the Pacific Americas Branch of the International Guild of Knot Tyers. He has provided forensic knot analyses in criminal cases and teaches rigging and rope work. 

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