Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Time Chamber: A Magical Story and Coloring Book by Daria Song

I really enjoy the book, The Time Chamber by Daria Song . It's another wonderful coloring book with the designs of gears for clocks, detailed rooms, keys and so many other wonderful designs! 
The main reason I love this book is that it really is relaxing and especially when it's focusing on Time and the Home. There is one night scene that makes me feel so relaxed and even tired to fall asleep myself. It's of a girl sleeping and the night full of stars around her bedroom. with an owl putting the covers on. It really is a lovely scene and so relaxing to the eyes. The rest of the book is themed around beautifully detailed style homes, clocks and interesting designs and cute characters that follow along with the same theme. However, I think the big difference with a coloring book story, verse many books is that you have the ability to color the pages in the book to match the story the way you want it to be seen. Plus, the pages are nice and thick, giving that ability to color a little deeper and get a bolder shade to each image your coloring in.
For me, the ability to color my own story is so much fun! I can take charge to what I want everything and everybody to be colored in as bright or bold as I like. Since, there is so many little parts in this book on each page, it takes along time and gives you something to do when there is nothing on your agenda. I find it to be the best way to fill my time and take my mind away from work, when I just finished and need a break before engaging into something new. It's like my way of clearing my mind and releasing the stress, before jumping into something new.
Finally, this is an excellent book, which is very well detailed and has so many wonderful images to color in!
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