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The Best Natural Homemade Skin and Hair Care Products: 175 Recipes for Creams, Balms, Shampoos and More By Mar Gomez

The book, The Best Natural Homemade Skin and Hair Care Products by Mar Gomez is  full of natural ways to make different and healthy shampoos, lotions, and so much more, without chemicals! I love that it's very well organized in sections from hair to skin care. You definitely can find what your looking for easily and the table of content as well as the glossary really does help too!

There are many that use different types of oils and plants grown outdoors in the garden or can be bought. It's very easy to assemble everything and make your own shampoo that won't harm your hair, but make it look gorgeous, as well as your skin, nails and pretty much the entire body! I love how healthy and wonderful each ingredient must make the product smell as well as how healthy it is than using a store bought shampoo.

I'm always interested in different ways to perk up my beauty routine and keep it natural or organic. This is just one way and a great way to keep me from having health problems with chemical reactions, I'm allergic too or that may just be toxic after over use. So when I looked into this book, I felt very excited to try a shampoo out for oily hair and one that will add volume. I was surprised how many different types they include and all using some known herbs and plants as others I've never read or heard of. However, the book is very easy to understand and helpful in creating my own shampoos and lotions I need for my body and to keep my skin healthy and beautiful! Plus, there is even recipes for acne and eye creams!
I really am glad to have this in my house and the many different things I'll learn and create every time! I would highly recommend this for a new way to keep your body healthy and safe from toxic chemicals and damage that might be caused by the products in the store after long-term use!
Information About The Author:
Mar Gomez has a diploma in Naturopathy, Dietetics and Nutrition and collaborates with a variety of media outlets. She also leads workshops on making natural products and has written several books.

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