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Tagital 7" T7K Quad Core Android Kids Tablet, with Wifi and Camera and Games, HD Kids Edition w/ Zoodles Pre-Installed

The Tagital 7" T7K Quad Core Android Kids Tablet is very nice and what I love is that it's not only for kids. It has the same speed, Quadcore as a regular 7" and the quality in sound and images that appear are also very clear and perfect for me, an adult.
The Tablet is so easy to use and what I love is that there two types, which I did buy both pink and blue in color, with a non-slip silicone covering. It really is adorable to use and adults can even play with these as they act like an ordinary tablet for games, videos and work!

Features I love about the Tablet for kids:
  • Quality - Nice clear sound and picture. Really almost owning a traditional tablet, with a protective case. The entire design and tablet works great!
  • Easy Set Up - Simple to setup for a child and even for an adult to use.
  • Dual Cameras - Two cameras to video record or snap photos.
  • HD - Clear and perfect images appear on the screen while viewing videos, tv shows and so much more!
  • Fast - Quad Core speed 
  • Cute Exterior - Very fun for children to hold, since it's protected with a silicone cover and doesn't seem to slip out of the hands as easy. Plus, it's got this lovely bright, eye catching color on the silicone covering.
  • Apps - android allows me to download all my favorite Google Apps for myself and the kids to use. Plus, Zoodles is downloaded on this tablet for children to learn, while using the tablet. So it's really educational and fun!
  • Fun - Very fun for the entire family to enjoy, from videos, games, photo viewing, taking and recording with the camera, and so much more! I can even work on it and chat through social media.
Finally, this is an excellent tablet! Very fun to use and such a nice cover for a nonslip grip. I think it would be wonderful for children and even parents to enjoy playing on, as I find it very entertaining and fun like a regular tablet!

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