Thursday, October 22

Simply Adorable Crochet: 40 of the Cutest Projects Ever by Maki Oomachi

The book, Simply Adorable Crochet by Maki Oomachi is super cute! There are so many wonderful things I can crochet and in small palm size, which they actually reflect the size
of the real object! What really attracted me to this book, is I love to crochet and to have the ability to follow patterns and make cute 3D stuffed toy/decoration type items, that look good enough to eat or even decorate the house is something I so want to make. ☺
The best part is that with this book it's easy and gives you the entire step by step to each pattern and creation your interested in crocheting. They are all so adorable and can make beautiful gifts! What makes this so much nicer is the detailed photos, which are realistic and not drawn or fake. They have each step and a final image of the exact item your going to make! 
In my opinion, this was a very well made book, with such wonderful woodland creatures, treats and so much more cute size items I could make at home. It can be a perfect family project or just use for making as gifts or decorations for others, but all I know is this is just an adorable book with such easy to follow steps and great items to make!
Finally, I love buying items, but when I make it 100% I feel that I accomplished something and the creations I can create from this book is just wonderful! So if your looking for a few fun projects for yourself or for the entire family to enjoy, than you should check this book out and have fun crafting!
Information About The Author:
Maki Oomaci (Tokyo, Japan) has studied art since childhood. After working at the Suntory Museum, she became a designer at Mind Wave, a stationery manufacturer in Japan. She then began selling consignment knitting accessories and stuffed toys and amiguraumi at the store Jam Cover in Tokyo. She now divides her time between creating her adorable crafts and writing books about them.

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