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Scrapbook Asian Style!: Create One-of-a-kind Projects with Asian-inspired Materials, Colors and Motifs by Kristy Harris

The book, Scrapbook Asian Style! by Kristy Harris is a terrific book for those interested in scrapbooking and want to inspire there pages with Asian style. For me, this is a great influence to motivate me to make more fun decorative cards, Scrapbook pages and even just perfect photo framing for photos! However, there are so many ways to make a photo and page look great, but what made me interested in this book, is the Asian Style! It's totally different, but does add such a nice and beautiful look to a photo that I haven't tried. 
Inside the book, there are many different illustrated examples with step by step guidance and tools you'll need to get started. Even for a beginner this book is full of helpful ways to start your scrapbook and get you on your way to make a full album or just decorative cards and other fun creations. It may seem small, but this book does have many different projects, 150 to try. Plus, they are so beautiful to look at and I'm sure when I try each and every one, very fun to make! 
I think the idea of adding a few extra touches to a traditional photo, makes anything look even more enjoyable and just more creative than the photo alone. So with the Asian Inspiration, I'm getting designs that are more stunning and different, which to me they remind me of
an antique shop or traditional Chinese inspiration that aren't found in a traditional scrapbook.
I especially love the realistic written symbols and detailed designs of Asian Styles are added to each piece and how wonderful they come out to be!
Finally, for those who want to change the traditional style of Scarpbooking to something more Asian flair, than this is a terrific book to purchase and get creative with! I love the helpful guidance, the Chinese calligraphy and so much more of that traditional Asian designs I can add
to my photos and cards!

Information About The Author:
Kristy Harris moved to Asia in the late 1990s with her husband to practice international law. To keep friends and family up to date with pictures of her family-she as two children-and travels around Asia she spends her evenings scrapbooking boxes of pictures, finding inspiration in the many cultures and artistic styles found in Asia. Kristy is the founder and managing director of Far Flung Craft, a company that specializes in Asian-inspired papers and embellishments for scrapbookers and paper crafters. She lives in Singapore with her husband and children.

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