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Rose Kuli - Beauty & Multi-functional Tools Review ☺♥☼

Just what I needed! This is a magnificent multi-tool! I love that I can use the pliers, the ax and even the knife to help cut through thick rope, cord, glass, wood and so much more, which is why I needed a tool like this for the outdoors. So I am so pleased to have this Multi-functional Tool by Rose Kuli! It's so much bigger, gives me an easier grip to hold it and use, while many are small. The many items in the tool itself, is what I needed most for outdoors and some indoor projects. It's great for protection and the blades are sharp enough to get through some hard to cut, thick rope.

Features I love about this product:
  • Very easy to use- Comfortable in my hand and sharp to cut through and even open items with the many tools in this one item!
  • In Case of Emergency - Just incase I need away to open, cut or break something when stuck in the car or out in the woods. This is just the tool I need for protection during any problem that may happen.
  • All in One Place - Comes with all different tools just in one tool, makes it easier than searching for other tools when it's all in just this one!
  • Durable - Very strong, nicely designed and easy to open and use each tool as needed!
  • Comfortable to Handle - Very nice to hold and use with out discomfort.
Finally, this is just an excellent product with a great sharp blade and strong durable steel!

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 I love tools and the Rose Kuli is just one of the coolest looking Multi Functional tools I can use indoors and out! The hammer design is nice for so many jobs and projects I do. what I love is that it's quality is outstanding! It's very strong, can tell by the quality steel and it's weight. Plus, I really can use it to do so much and act like a regular size hammer in the palm of my hands. The thickness is perfect for gripping, with use and the many other tools included make it easy to switch from one item to another without stopping and searching.
I love that it has a Knife, Screwdriver, Saw and even more main tools I use daily or every week to open or fix/repair an item. I do so many DIY projects and always working on something, so even for indoors this works great for me
and is an excellent size to take with me, anywhere! Glad it does come with a carry bag, perfect fit and easy to store inside!

Excellent product, with such nice quality Steel! ☺♥
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The kit is terrific! I love every thing included and there is so much, compared to many others. ☺ The quality of the steel is super strong and can cut through the toughest nails, such as the ones on my toes. Plus, the cuticles are never a problem with me anymore, since I use the pliers and scissors that are angled to get the dry skin off and keep my nails and feet looking well cared for! Every tool is very nice and sharp, without ever having a problem to slice through a nail or get rid of unwanted cuticle skin. What I love is the cute smile faces on the nail clippers and the different sizes and angles of each tool, which makes it so easy for me to remove and get to the hard to reach areas.
Features I love about the Stainless Steel Beauty Manicure Set by Rose Kuli:
  • Portable - Everything in one area, all in the case.
  • Sharp - Super Sharp tools, which takes less time to trim or cut through anything on my nail or finger. 
  • Many To Use - There are 12 tools in this set and the case! I can really get a perfect manicure or pedicure with this set. Also for my face there is some tools that work wonders and all Stainless Steel!
  • Quality - Excellent Stainless Steel Quality with a nice hard and durable case, to store in or travel with!

Finally, this is a terrific product and works for me! I would Highly recommend this product to everyone I know because it's just a perfect set and for the price a great steal!

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