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PYRUS 2.7" Digital Video Camera Recorder High Definition FHD 1080P DV Camcorder Camera Record the Wonderful Moment

The PYRUS DV Camera is such a luxury in a small size camcorder. It's great for capturing family moments and any of my special occasions. The 2.7" Screen is a perfect size for 
catching a good view of that image your focusing on. For me this is something I enjoy about the camera because it's easier than a smaller screen, less squinting.
There really is so many different parts that I love about this Camera and one big thing is the lower price for the same quality as a brand name!

Here are other features I really love about this Camcorder:

  • Design - Nice sleek dark black and silver exterior with a simple hold handle strap on one side for a easier grip. The buttons are all protected under the monitor, which can be rotated and moved out for viewing.
  • There is also a few buttons on top. 
  • Size - Light Weight, large 2.7" Monitor Screen. It's about the size of 8oz water bottle, not very big and slim enough to get my fingers around the entire camera with comfort.
  • HD - Very clear Images and Recordings of every moment captures. Has a 20 MP, which is it's max.
  • Memory - Able to add up to a 32 GB memory Card.
  • Setting - I'm able to video record in many weather settings.

Finally, the pictures are clear, the recordings come out perfectly as I'm viewing it right infont of me that very moment, and It's so easy to use!
I love it! ♥♥♥♥♥
Video Review:
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