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Origami for Busy People 27 Original On-The-Go Projects [Origami Book, 48 Papers, 27 Projects] by Marcia Joy Miller

The book, Origami for Busy People by Marcia Joy Miller is a fun book for someone with no time on there hands to do a full DIY project or any type of crafts and even the more advance Origami projects that take more time to create. I know some days I fall in that category and end up doing nothing because I had no time to be creative. However, even though I am so busy in a day I still do wish I had something fun and relaxing I could do and create just to feel like I accomplished something. Therefore, I am so happy to have this in my home! 
The book itself is so detailed with step by step and illustrated for easy to make Origami projects, that can be done in minutes!  I am so pleased with how well the guidance and 
fast the projects are to create, by just glancing into the book and noticing the step by step photos. I am sure by the look of the book and the projects, that even a beginner will have fun and be able to accomplish any of these in a short amount of time.  Now for the projects, they are simple to create, which I really love and so easy to follow along too! Honestly if it's simple than it's perfect for me, I rather something I can do quick than waste hours on, but what makes these even better is that they would impress anyone with how lovely the end results are! 

I think my favorite from this book would have to be the Jack-O'Lantern or maybe the Seahorse, well I guess I don't honestly have a favorite because each of the designs and projects are so beautiful and lovely! What makes this even more enjoyable, is that the book includes the paper so you don't need to purchase any (until you run out) and that
each is very vibrant and bold colors to use to make any of the fun projects inside!
Finally, I really hope that I get use to making some of these, that it just becomes so normal to me and I can create them anywhere I'm at! However, this book is awesome as well as the every project inside and I do recommend this for the busy individual who wants to relax and take a break from everyday stress and work.
Information About The Author:
Marcia Joy Miller has taught origami classes and workshops for years. Her original origami designs have appeared in numerous origami publications and she holds membership in several origami societies. She is also an artist and photographer and has a Bachelor of Arts degree from The College of New Jersey.

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