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Learn American Sign Language: Everything You Need To Start Signing Complete Beginner's Guide 800+ signs by James W. Guido

The book, Learn American Sign Language by James W. Guido is a complete guide for beginners, such as myself to learn over 800 and more different signs that are illustrated in photos for guidance! Also, I think of this a book that you don't just read or view the images, but actually do them yourself. So almost like a book to get you moving verse just reading. However, I just love how easy this book is to follow along with and honestly, I always wanted to learn Sign Language because it would be so cool to know something that could be used to help another understand you as if your speaking an entirely new language, plus just to be able to say something without speaking is awesome! However, Signing has been seen in many different places and even schools, which is very cool! 
For me, Sign Language is like another language just non verbal and even when I was younger I was taught in school how to do a few signs in  language class, which was pretty much the alphabet and numbers. However, I know there are so much more words that you can do, without spelling it out and that is why I was so interested in this book! 

The book now has so many photos that are easy to understand and use for practice to do them yourself. I knew right away that this book was excellent because of the photo quality! I didn't want to have a book that would be difficult to use for a beginner and something that
was easy to understand by visual with not so much reading. However, this book is perfect! ♥♥♥
I'm able to do the sign with each word that I want to use, which could be under the most used spoken words such as the types of food, drink, emotions, simple small talk and so much more! Also, what makes it so simple is by the clear visual guidance of the lady in the photo and also what this book has that many may lack is the new additions to ASL, which this book carries since it is the newly released since October 2015. One other thing that makes this so much easier to use, is that this book is done in a spiral bound design. For me, this allows an easier open to see the entire page, without having difficulty where you must hold the page open or not able to see the full back or front. So finally, the book is perfect for beginners and those who want to learn a few more new additions added to American Sign Language.

Information About The Author:
James W. Guido is an American Sign Language instructor and the artistic director of the New York Deaf Theatre. Originally from Buffalo, New York, he's currently a professor of ASL at the College of Staten Island, and hopes to some day be a Broadway actor while continuing to teach ASL through the use of theatre. This is his first book.

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