Saturday, October 10, 2015

Ki Store Touch Screen LED Lighted Vanity Battery Operated Wireless Make up Cosmetic Mirror / Makeup Mirror with LED Lights

The Touch Screen LED Lighted Vanity Make up Cosmetic Mirror is such a nice size on my dresser! However, the best part is that this is large to view my full face and hair down, while even getting a closer view with the light, LED. The Mirror has a small 10x Magnify lens, which is great for spot checking and even just normal view with the 1x Magnification. The bottom has a nice area for placing tweezers or any small items that I use daily on my face.
Features I love about this Ki Store Touch Screen Mirror:
  • Touch Screen - is easy to light up the mirror and get it bright enough to view my face as well as shut it off when not in use.
  • Flexible - The mirror moves each and every way to allow me the right angle to view my face or specific parts.
  • Mini Mirror and Regular - The mini mirror allows me to capture 10x magnification of any spot I want to pluck with tweezers, add cream too or pretty much just get close view of. Than the regular Large Mirror is for full face view.
  • Stand - The base is useful for my tweezers and many little hair ties or jewelry I'll wear a certain day, it holds things perfectly in place and safely!

Finally, this is an excellent product! Highly Recommend!

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