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Hello! Macrame Totally Cute Designs For Home Decor And More by : Samantha Grenier

The book, Hello! Macrame by Samantha Grenier is very easy to read and understand even for a beginner! The book is made to easily understand and help guide you through so many awesome looking designs and projects for the home, jewelry and so much other items! I think what made me curious to begin macrame is my mom, who use to make those cool planters that use bunches of knot designs. So with her creative inspiration had me interested in making things as well.
Therefore, when I seen Hello! Macrame and the wonderful knotted creations inside and even the bright designs on the cover, I knew this would be the perfect book for me!
I am still happy to say that the book is just that easy, fun and something I still find perfect for me. I was very interested into the rugs and even seeing how to do a plant hanger as my mom use to make. 
The book might be small, but many of these guides are. However, this one is packed with so many things, not just similar items. You can go all out and make items for friends like jewelry, purses, home items and even just decorate your own home. The projects aren't difficult and won't take too long to accomplish, even if your new to Macrame. So yes, this book is so fun and perfect for learning and using the creative book to make some fun designs and in beautiful colors and knots! I would highly recommend for anyone interested in Macrame!
Information About The Author:
Samantha Grenier has been creating and crafting since she learned to cut and paste. Now armed with a B.F.A. in Design from Rivier University, she is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator for Pepperell Braiding Company. Best known as a ÒknottyÓ professional in the craft industry, she specializes in macrame and kids crafts.

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