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Drawing Dragons: Learn How to Create Fantastic Fire-Breathing Dragons by Sandra Staple

The book, Drawing Dragons by Sandra Staple is such a great guide to drawing realistic dragons. For me, I really enjoy how the book guides you with the tools you will need and can use to create these creative and beautiful dragons. They are so fantastic with the large wings, different style heads and bodies! The details are different, but each dragon has it's own step by step in the form of illustration and text. The designs I have to say are breath taking and this just makes drawing these fantasy creatures easier than trying to go it alone!
The author did a great job with starting you off with the right instruments to draw and create the creatures as well as paper and other tools that may be beneficial.  Next, you'll understand shading and the techniques that will make it so easily and help your art look so realistic!
Afterwards, you get your desk ready than you will be ready to draw the various looks of a dragon from ears, eyes, head and even the angles.
Lets just say, you'll get every part of a dragon down and soon you'll be on your way to creating your own dragons! So for me, the best part is this isn't just a child's book to draw a dragon in a child perspective, but instead it's more like a dragon in the style of a real one, seen in Movies are those paintings others create and can draw. This book is a great approach to making the best styled dragons ever! I really enjoyed this book and will be using it to help me understand the different angles and styles of dragons I can create.
Information About The Author:
Sandra Staple is an artist and photographer who has been drawing dragons for over 15 years, and has literally sketched thousands of them. She won awards as far back as high school and had shows of her work when she was in college. She has sold paintings through her website and other sites online art galleries. She runs the popular website and lives in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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