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Doodletopia: Cartoons Draw, Design, and Color Your Own Super-Fun Cartoon Creations by Christopher Hart

The book, Doodletopia: Cartoons by Christopher Hart is a wonderful book of creative cartoon creations you can make anywhere! I love a book that Christopher Hart created in the past and knew this would be just as great! 
The book itself is a great guidance for children, beginners and pretty much anyone who wants to create such adorable and fun cartoon creatures/people to add to any illustration or just for fun! It's full of step by step and easy to understand texts to guide you through fun doodles! What I love is that this is a book, where you can take it anyplace and just doodle anything from it and it acts like a release of stress and just helps you create your creativity! I know when I'm doodling, it makes me feel relaxed and with the many you get in this book to learn to doole, it's really fun and enjoyable!
However, most of the designs do remind me of cartoon characters you'd see on all those cartoon channels and maybe even books written for kids as well as comics! The doodles are a great step to becoming an artist or just learning to draw, as they help you create something all your own and what I love is that this book is easy to follow and build from the design your doodling. I could doodle a frog or make a star and add a few detailed designs to make it my own.
So really this book is like a great step to learning and than taking it to another step of actually making something your own design or doodle. 

You will learn what you need to do to draw the doodle, how to make it funny or add some exciting details and also just something you can have fun with drawing!
Finally, I found this book to be fun and an exciting book to work with because you get to make your own funny cartoon and it's so easy to learn!
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