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Crystals and Stones: A Complete Guide to Their Healing Properties by The Group of 5

The book, Crystals and Stones by The Group of 5 is a wonderful book of information you may have ever wanted to know about a certain crystal and stone.  The different Crystals and Stones mentioned in this book are organized in alphabetical order, making it super easy to figure out where each different type is located. The beginning of the book really does a great job explaining how to choose, care and handle the crystals you are looking for. Also how they are used in our lives.
The main reason I enjoy this book, is that I love Crystals and have a huge collection already. My one problem was to figure out what each one does and what they can help out improving or healing certain conditions. I've always been fascinated with Crystals and Stones since my mom has been using them in jewelry making. 
Unfortunately, many books are a bit difficult to understand and don't really get right to the point! However, this book by The Group of 5 is very easy to read and has simple straight to the point references for each of the Crystals mentioned. I also enjoy that this book has many of the different types of Crystal families. Also, the photos of each Stone/Crystal really does help me understand if I'm looking at the right stone or something close, but not exact. 
So the book is more of a good reference with full details of so many different stones and their beneficial powers, as well as the locations they could be found and a photo to what they look like. I know there are many books with so much helpful information on Stones, but sometimes I need a more clear and easy to understand approach, just like this! Finally, the book is so easy to get what information you need to know about the Crystal or Stone and any information about choosing or caring for a crystal, it's all in the book!
Excellent and very informative!
Information About The Author:
The Group of 5 evokes the five-branch star symbolizing the perfect man drawn by Leonardo da Vinci and represents the therapists who helped write this book. These therapists include Lisa Corbeil, Klaire D. Roy, Richard Frappier, Andre Lavoie, Gisele Lavoie, Johanne Marier, François Nicol, Sylvain Plante, Kristiane Roy, Jacqueline Sylvain, and Marcel Tardif.

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