Saturday, October 10, 2015

Crenova® HD 12MP Infrared Trail Hunting Camera Surveillance IR LED Night Vision

The Crenova HD Trail Camera is pretty neat! However,  I'm not a hunter, but I do like to record wild life. So with this camera, I'm able to take excellent quality recordings and images of the cute little bunny that is sitting in my garden and all other cute little creatures that come out during the day or night, while I'm not around. I really think this is a wonderful camera and comes with so much excellent features and a nice strong durable case!
Features that make this an excellent product:
  • Design - The exterior is hard and solid, keeping it protected from damage by weather or anything that may come in contact with it. There is also LED Light for night recordings and it also can take recordings during the day. I think of it as a normal surveillance camera, but with better quality in imagery.
  • The front has most of the important parts needed to be visible when placed outdoors, while the side is where the camera is locked safely inside and the back has a nice support bracket to keep it even when placed on a tree.
  • Durable - Outter case is fully strong, sturdy, and protects the camera inside from all weather conditions.
  • LED Light and Infrared - Take night videos and daylight videos.
  • Memory - Can hold up to 32GB Memory.
  • Functions - Password Protected, Take multiple shots, Time lapse, timer, Timing Photos, and even the ability to tell me if my battery is very low. These are all great additions to this camera and makes it easy to organize each recording and keep them private.

Finally, this is a really nice camera, has so much to it than a normal indoor surveillance camera and is made to be used outdoors. It's the best camera I owned for recording nature outdoor!

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