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Cars & Trucks Step-by-step instructions for 28 different vehicles (Learn to Draw) by Jeff Shelly

 The book, Cars & Trucks by Jeff Shelly is an excellent book about learning to draw different vehicles with just following the steps. I love how easy Jeff Shelly, the author made these designs for any young child to be able to draw. However, it really can be for so many age groups and if you've always been interested in learning to draw a vehicle that you would love to drive or just to own, than you will love it just as much! It's so simple to follow along each image is broken down in simple steps and you get to learn fun facts about these cars and trucks through out the book.
I always felt I wanted to understand how to make the perfect car or Truck and design my own unique style too it. Now I can cause this book is just packed with such great examples and made so easy to follow. Actually, with this book you can learn to draw large trucks and fast looking cars that someday you might want to own. There is so many different shapes and sizes of vehicles to draw and many ways to color them. The tips and tricks really help and the information can really help you learn more about why these cars are shaped a certain way, what they are known for and when they've been introduced, plus much more!
Finally, I would recommend this guide to help you anyone who wants to learn to draw cars and doesn't need to much complicated details because if your a beginner like me than you would just like to have something simple and easy to follow like the Cars and Trucks book can provide!
Information About The Author:
Tom LaPadula: For more than 30 years, Tom LaPadula has illustrated for national and international magazines, advertising agencies, and publishing houses. He has exhibited in numerous group shows throughout the country, and his paintings are included in many private collections. Tom holds a BFA from Parsons School of Design and earned his MFA from Syracuse University.

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