Tuesday, September 8

Zomei Z818 Magnesium & Aluminum alloy Camera Tripod With Bag

The Zomei is an Excellent Tripod! The quality of the legs and pivoting head is so nice and durable with ability to adjust and hold my camera/camcorder in place. The look of it is really nice and makes it easy to spot outdoors, with the lovely blue color.
Features I love about the Zomei Tripod Z818:
  • Setup - Easy to adjust to the height needed and can be used as a single one hand pole/monopod. The mount is easy to twist on my camera/camcorder many different types and adjust to the direction needed!
  • Design - Sleek and stylish with blue and black! Very strong durable material and loving the thickness in the legs of this tripod and how sturdy it is during a windy day.
  • Size - goes from 18 to 62 inches easily and gets every place from outdoors to in that I need to record.
  • Professional - Can hold large and light weight cameras and easy to use as for long sports shots and photo taking outdoors. Nice design and very top notch quality.
Finally this is an excellent Tripod, very well made and a lovely professional style!
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