Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Whose Hair? By Christina Christoforou

The book, Whose Hair? by Christina Christoforou is such a helpful book for doodling and sketching hair styles. There are so many options and choices to choose from and even beards.
The book is very easy to look through and have many familiar hair styles and looks that are seen on famous singers, actors and so much more!  
However, I think the thing that got me most of all, wasn't just that it had famous styles in the book, but I was looking of ways to create new looks on my sketches and interesting ones than anything normal. I wanted to inspire my own style and this book has plenty of different looks and ideas to create facial hair and hair on the head. I really have many ideas and interesting things I can use this book for, plus it is so much fun trying to figure out who is who with the hair and facial hair photos. 
Finally, this is a great book! Full of creative styles and different looks I can doodle and sketch, while also trying to figure out who has which style. 
Information About The Author:
Christina Christoforou is a London-based illustrator and artist. She was commissioned by The New York Times to draw world leaders' spouses' hair and produced a poster of rock star hairstyles. This is her first book.

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