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vitalASC -7inch Windows 8.1 Intel Quad Core 1GB DDR3 16GB Storage Touchscreen Bluetooth 1280*800 Free 1 year Subscription Office 365

The VitalASC 7inch Windows 8.1 is an excellent tablet! I have not been a huge Windows fan, but I do enjoy it on my computer so to use this tablet wasn't to difficult to understand the first day it arrived. The windows itself is designed like the typical windows on a computer and what i love is that it has all my most used apps right in-front, making it easy to access and select which ever I need to use. The tablet itself is perfect for work and play and what I love the quality of the picture and sound that plays through the speaker and on the screen!
Features of the VitalASC 7inch Tablet I find to be my favorite:
  • Design - Simple Black color tablet with a thick 1 inch framing on the front monitor. The camera on the rear is positioned in the corner and the same for the front. 7 inch in size and very easy to handle as well as access all the ports and buttons on the sides.
  • 16 GB Storage - Plenty of Storage Space on the Device
  • Quality Sound and Picture - Crystal clear sound, that can be as loud or low as needed and the image is super clear and easy to view videos in HD quality and all types of other programs for work, game, and other purposes.
  • Size - 7 inches, but very easy to take me and easier to hold. 
  • Quad Core - Fast ability to access multiple tabs, apps and so much more without slow down from the internet and processing.
  • Battery - The battery is able to play 2 Netflix videos before needing to be recharged and also just on a normal everyday use the battery lasts very long! Good on long trips!
  • Free 1 year Subscription Office 365 - I get to try new software!
  • Inexpensive - Not over 100 dollars and still just the quality I get from a name brand!
  • Touch Sensitive Screen - Able to get a fast response with one tap of the finger/stylus.
  • Easy to use - Very simple to setup and that a child can even use!
Finally, it's an excellent product and very well made! Easy to use and just one of my favorite tablets I ever owned!

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