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The Watercolor Course You've Always Wanted by Leslie Frontz

The book, The Watercolor Course You've Always Wanted by Leslie Frontz is an excellent guidance to watercolor! It's like my new favorite teacher in a book! This is not just a typical show you how many different ways to do watercolor, instead it's packed with information on choosing your tools, what each brush size is good for(never seen in most guidance books), extra tips on both watercolor and tools used, and of course the use of watercolors.  The best part is that there are many inspiring illustrations using the different brushes and all types of colors and styles by all different watercolor painters.

In the beginning, there are many examples of brushes being used to explain the differences in the shape and size the brush's fibers will create for you, which is very helpful to understand and even though I've painted for awhile, I had no idea about brushes.
However, this book actually informed me so much more than I ever would of known without it! The best part is that this is a guidance book, so not only explaining tools and example work, but there is step by steps to get you started. It's definitely like owning a teacher in a book! I feel as if I'm being instructed on every little unknown and a few known things about watercolor. So really, I think for a book that guides and is great for reference, this is something that really did come in handy and helped me understand watercolor even more
than I ever knew before! 
I would highly recommend this book for its excellent guidance, the easy to understand and useful tips that are included! I feel as if this is a perfect way to learn Watercolor and that the book is now your teacher inside waiting to guide you from brush, color, and ending results.  

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