Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Teaching Power of Dreams: Using Your Dreams to Change Your Life by Brad and Sherry Steiger

The book, The Teaching Power of Dreams by Brad and Sherry Steiger is filled with so many different dream symbols and what they mean or may be telling you. Plus, the main part of the book is also to guide you to where or how your dream has came to be! I actually love how easy it is to navigate through the different letters of words to the symbol or word your looking for. However, that is just part of the book, what I really enjoy is this book breaks it down. It includes questions that may help you understand why your dream was about a cat or a strange UFO or anything that might have occurred. 
The book is full of information to help you understand dreams and what they are telling you from a mix of emotions, past events or something you seen that day. Some benefits of this book, is that it can help you get rid of those scary nightmares, once and for all! Plus many other exciting ideas and exercises you could learn. However, I really love dream books and have many, but this one is really nice and definitely answers many of my questions with a guidance that other books don't have.  So if your interested in learning about your dream may be telling you are wanting to understand why you had such a strange dream with certain characters, than this book will be perfect to help you understand and learn what may be coming your way or what may be on your mind. Truly a wonderful book!
Information About The Authors:
Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger have—together and separately—written more than 100 inspirational books, including Christmas Miracles (winner of the 2002 Storytelling Award from Storytelling World magazine) and Puppy Miracles. They live in Forest City, Iowa.

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