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Tagital T10 Plus 10.1" Octa Core Tablet PC Android 5.1 1GB RAM 16GB with Keyboard

The Tagital T10 Tablet PC is an excellent Tablet with the new 5.1 Lollipop. I know that I have tried many before and never the newer version. So to tell you that the new upgrade to lollipop is really nice! The results are still fast performance and the ability to select what program you want to select and which you can decide what you want to go back too, while doing other things with other programs. The change is nice, just a slight difference from QuadCore.  One other thing I love is that when my screen is locked I can get many of my notifications from different social sites and messengers right on the lock screen
before unlocking.
Here is a List of things I find really wonderful about this Tagital T10.1 Lollipop Tablet PC:
  • Design - Simple black color tablet with a nice size screen and a black framing around each edge. Buttons and Slots all available on the end with the camera. Room to expand memory with the SD/TF Card Slot and add in a pair of earbuds for personal listening to music, videos or even games.  Very slim and has a nonslip grip on the exterior or finger prints will not be left with the design. Also, has a nice speaker on the back and the screen is very sensitive to the touch, allowing access to anything quickly and easily.
  • Dual Cameras - One is on the rear corner and the second one is on front for video chats and personal selfies. 
  • Image and Sound - Nice quality Sound and Images appear on the screen. Plays great loud sound and of course can change the volume to have less sound blasting, but for movies it's great!
  • Battery Life - Pretty long the battery lasts a long time before recharging. 
  • Size - 10" Tablet means larger screen for viewing videos, games and actually able to write down things and make documents for work!
  • Set Up - Setting this device up is a piece of cake and simple to do without struggle. Once I sign in to my Google Account, I had everything signed in and was able to get to my gmail, my personal downloads I have bought on my phone and other devices, as well
  • as movies and music. 
  • Extras - Keyboard able to type and write up things easily. It's so nice of a design and very comfortable to work on than using the tablets keyboard.
  • Easy For Everyone - Simple for everyone to understand and use! Nothing difficult that even a beginner, first time Tablet owner could understand.
Finally, this is an excellent tablet, with the wonderful Lollipop and as always it's an Android. So for me this is easy to understand because I use androids all the time. However, the tablet
is very easy to understand and made for everyone since it's simple to work on and enjoy anywhere! Excellent product, great quality!

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