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Parisienne French Chic Phrases, Slang and Style By Rhianna Jones

 The book, Parisienne French by Rhianna Jones is such a wonderful book of French Slang and Phrases that are commonly used in Paris. This book is like the guide through Paris and it's amazing scenes as well as guidance through the language. I am very much in love with France and took it every year since I was in High school as my language course. Once, I seen this book I noticed how easy the table of contents are to find exactly what you might
want to learn more or recall. 
There are chapters on The Essentials, Daily Life, Friendship, Culture, Fashion(my fave), Cuisine, Love, and Night Life. There are a total of 8 chapters and each are well written to guide you through many familiar English phrases always said or mentioned to French translation. So your now able to ask or mention exactly what you want or need with french phrases and words as you would in English. It's very much a helpful book and if your writing things in French, this will be so helpful as well!
I now can take my favorite foods, clothing or other items I'm sketching up and actually title it in French words and just even being able to ask for things I need or want to have done in French. Lets just say, that you'll have everything you need to know or say in French when you get to Paris. Also, some of the words are pretty similar to the English word when writing it on paper, which is interesting as well.
Finally, this is a great guidance and a fun way to learn phrases and take with you if your visiting Paris, talking to a French person or just want to use it in every day life! Excellent book, very nice cover too!♥
Information About The Author:
Rhianna Jones was born in Chicago, IL, and received a dual-degree in French Literature and International Visual Studies from Tufts University. Combining her great passions of writing, fashion and girliness with her eternal love for Paris, this book represents her complete vie parisienne. She is convinced of being Holly Golightly’s grittier modern-day counterpart, and takes that role very seriously. Rhianna currently lives in New York City.

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