Wednesday, September 2, 2015

London Sketchbook by Jason Brooks

The book, London Sketchbook by Jason Brooks is a gorgeous illustrated book with images of what London has to offer! I enjoy the different places you can view while there as well as it's all sketched and looks just beautiful! There are ways you can travel and all the different fashionable styles you will notice as well! 
I absolutely love the style and fashion in this book, it's just gorgeous and very beautiful. Gives me the inspiration I need to start sketching and the actually the motivation to take a vacation to London as well. I really love the hardcover, and the bookmark that matches the Country's flag. It's just a gorgeous book and full of lovely sketched illustrations that not only entertain the eyes, but actually influences me to be creative and try to design some of the fashions  and vehicles seen on the London roads.
I never been out of the states, but if I had this book has got me interested in checking out London and the cuisines, streets, museums, shops and so much more, especially the clothing! I really love the entire book and its packed with fashionable London style and glamour!
If you need some inspiration to sketch London and everything it may have to offer, take a look into this book that Jason Brooks created and get inspired!
Information About The Author:
Jason Brooks studied Graphic Design at St Martin’s College, where he began working regularly for British Vogue after winning the Vogue Sotheby's Cecil Beaton Award for Fashion Illustration. Brooks drew at the Couture shows in Paris for the Independent newspaper. He has since filed numerous visual reports from the shows in New York for Visionaire and London Fashion Week for Elle. Jason’s artwork has also provided the visual identity on album covers for the record label Hedkandi.

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