Wednesday, September 9

K&F Concept KF-570 II High Speed Flash Light Speedlite LCD Display with single-contact Hot Shoe

The K and F Concept High Speed Flash Light is Excellent! I am very pleased with the quality and the ability to act as the S1 or S2. However, I've been using it for a master Light and it's working great! The light is perfect and on time with every flash. I have no problem with the setup and angling it the right direction of my shot.
Features I love about the Speedlite by K and F:
  • Setup - Very easy to set to the correct settings on the main screen in back. Has a digital screen, which makes it easy to view exactly the choices made.
  • Design - Nice foot, to use when not on my camera or as a Slave Speedlite. Has a easy to read screen in back to view what is being selected. The buttons to control are all in back and the top/head of the Speedlite is able to be angled and moved any way needed in an up and down of 180 degrees or left and right at 90.
  • Quality - Very well made product, nice durable material, very bright LED Light and includes a power saving mode that keeps from overuse of the light
  • Extras - Bag to protect and store, while not in use and the stand that it allows to hold when not on a hotshoe. Also, on the product is it's own White Soft Diffuser to make the light look more natural, verse extremely bright. These are all included with the device.

Finally, it's an excellent product and certainly made to last long and has helped me take great photos every time! I am very pleased and Highly Recommend this Speedlite!
If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below: