Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Haircutting For Dummies J. Elaine Spear

The book, Haircutting For Dummies by J. Elaine Spear is excellent for those learning to cut hair! I can finally make my own styles and cuts for long, medium or even short hair thanks to this book! It's full of information that can guide me through so many different things. I love that it has illustration and tips to help as well!
Of course, when I see any book with For Dummies,  I know it's made easier to follow and I do agree. They tend to break it down very well inside the book to help you learn so many different style cuts and the items you'll be using as well. There is also info on what you should do first before cutting as well as after! It's a terrific guidance for Household/Home cutting and can be used on boys or girls. I can even do my own hair! 
Many of the information listed is great for all hair types like curly, kinky, straight, and more! There is also guidance to cutting layered hair styles, men and boy cuts as well as women and girls, and also things such as super short cuts and some edgy textured styles. Lets just say there are so many different styles you can learn and what you need to do before you begin cutting or trimming anyone's hair.
Finally, this is a great guidance to hair cutting and those learning to do their own or families hair.
Information About The Author:
J. Elaine Spear is a Contributing Editor for the magazines DaySpa, Today's Image, Beauty Store Business, and Salon News. She owned and operated a multimillion-dollar salon and day spa for 15 years.

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