Saturday, September 5, 2015

Designing Fashion Accessories by Marta Rodriguez Hidalgo & Gabriel Martin Roig

The book, Designing Fashion Accessories by Marta Rodriguez Hidalgo and Gabriel Martin Roig is perfect for those trying to understand and learn about fashion and how to create different accessories. I actually found this book quite helpful with drawing/sketching and creating fashionable items that I can use in my work. It's full of terrific ideas and illustrations to help guide through all different accessories you may use. I found the book to be full of not only women products, but men accessories too, which gives me an entire idea how to create a line for either men or women. 
My favorite designs are the shoes, as I always wanted to create a perfect shoe to add a little different patter and style too. The book helps me so much, with a perfect shape of the shoe, the length and height and even helps me use what actual shoe may be in trend now and add my own style to it. I can now come up with an entire wardrobe, sketched out and add my own unique style to it or pattern without it looking not like it should. So in away, this book is more of a drawing aide for fashion designs. I am always trying to find new ways to get the right look and since I sew, I find that if I can sketch an idea before I try to create it with my machine, I have a visual and idea what I really want it to look like. Plus, it's just lovely to actually be able to draw up some fun styles that look very realistic to the actual accessory you'd buy at the store.
Finally, it's definitely an excellent book! Your getting so much information, guidance to the world of fashion designing and best of all it's for everyone's style and for all ages and genders.
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