Saturday, September 26, 2015

Colorolio Set of 24 Drawing Pencils & Elegant Metal Case

The Colored Pencils by Colorolio are really nice and come with a lovely tin case to keep them from getting lost and easier to travel with! I love the colors and there is a total of 24 in the package. The colors are really nice on paper and perfect for those Adult coloring books as well as for your kids! However, I feel these are meant more for grownups/artists and have the quality better than cheap brand color pencils.
Features I love best about the Colored Pencils by Colorolio:
  • Quality - The pencils color  in very nice and smooth.  Nice strength to the pencil for holding and smooth for drawing or coloring with. Vibrant/rich colors in each pencil.
  • Quantity - 24 different colors. 
  • Case - The included case is a tin case that has a hinged lid so it never gets misplaced and is nicely secured so nothing falls out.
Finally, the results on paper are excellent and I love the included case as well! So I highly recommend to all my friends and family members these colored pencils for excellent coloring and sketching on books or paper.

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