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Cards That Wow with Sizzix: Techniques and Ideas for Using Die-Cutting and Embossing Machines by Sizzix & Designer Stephanie Barnard

The book, Cards That Wow with Sizzix by Sizzix and Stephanie Barnard is full of so many different ideas to make special holiday, birthday and kind thankful cards for everyone!  Plus, some fun tags you can add to any gift or item for a special touch. I myself, always felt that creating something is so much meaningful than buying it from the store. It does take more time and with that time that it takes, I feel there is more love that goes into the design and creation than just simply purchasing a card or tag and attach it to your gift. Therefore, when I noticed that Sizzix (a machine that can cut different shapes and designs and embosses paper) came out with a book I knew i had to have it!  
I am a huge fan of Card Making and I use to look through the Card Making Magazines or other online sites for some inspiration, but sometimes it didn't really help me find what I was looking for. However, The Sizzix book, Cards That Wow really gave me the wonderful ideas I could make with my machine and it doesn't take much more than your imagination and a few stamps if you'd like. I think just right off the bat, it only took a few glances of the illustrated designs in this book and guidance through the many lovely creations, I felt ready to take out my Sizzix and use it to create some fun and professionally designed cards for my family, especially my mom who's Birthday is coming up next month.  I should mention, that many books on card making are great, but some have you buying all types of tools and different ideas that don't focus on a device or gadget you own already. This however, actually focuses on the Sizzix and also includes the many others they produce that can help you create fun and exciting designs for all types of projects.
So while looking through the book, your not only going to be able to impress your friends with the lovely Birthday Cards you can create or for special Holidays, but also maybe a Thank You Card or Just a Because Card. It really doesn't matter and you can take what you see in the book as inspiration and create what you like or make an entirely different design, but with
this book it will guide you and help you understand how to use the machine to create so much wonderful designs and creations.  I know if you looked in this book you'd be inspired and so excited to pull the Sizzix out and try to create something. I know I am very much loving this book and getting so many ideas to create a simple and more elaborate card with just paper, a few embellishments and of course my Sizzix Machine!
Information About The Authors:
The Sizzix brand is one of the best known and most respected brands in the craft industry. With products in every craft chain store as well as distribution with Stampin'UP via home parties the company is always cutting edge and timeless in the design of its products. By manufacturing tools that cut endless kinds of materials, their designs offer unlimited creative options and value no matter the consumer's creative discipline. The Sizzix design team has created popular award-winning projects in every category from jewelry to quilting and every design style from scrapbook baby-cute to Victorian fancy.

Stephanie Barnard is a spokesperson and licensed designer for Sizzix, the owner/designer at The Stamps of Life, and owner of Cre8 It Stamps. She teaches card-making classes internationally and has had over 400 projects published in magazines and books. Stephanie considers herself a "reality" crafter and focuses on projects that are fun and easy to reproduce at home.

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