Thursday, September 24, 2015

ANART 2.0'' Wifi 12MP HD Full 1080P 170 Degree Wide Angle Waterproof Sports Camera W/HDMI Output Underwater + Extra Battery + Shockproof Carrying Bag Medium Black

The ANART 2.0 WiFi HD Sports Camera is very easy to use and functions perfectly! I am able to take shots by or in the water, on dirt roads, while driving, riding my bike and so much more!
The best part of this camera is that it has a 2 inch screen allowing me to see the captured moment even better! I love that this version also supplies you with extra material to get me going right when it comes in! I don't need to worry about buying any extra gizmos, when this set includes the case, a few mounts and even two batteries, not just one!

Features I love about the ANART Sports Camera:
  • Design - Simple to use design, very easy to press each button on top, side and the one in front. The wide camera lens is 170 degrees, able to capture/record a nice amount of area. Also, the housing that protects the camera is strong and goes on tight, so you don't have anything
  • getting inside or destroying the device. Plus the camera, without the case is evenly designed to sit on a flat surface and has a non-slipping rubberized feeling on the exterior, which leaves no finger prints or causing it to slip through my fingers. 
  • HD and Screen Size - 2 inch screen gives me  a large view of the recording. Plus, the HD allows for a clear view of the image as if you are looking through a mirror!
  • Everything Included - Case, extra battery (2 batteries), charger, mounts, adhesives, manual, housing, and many more items!
  • Easy To Use - Simple to setup and scroll through the settings. 
Finally, I think my favorite is that with the Sports Camera, I don't need to have a steady hand to take a excellent recording. The camera will take perfect photos as if your holding it on a tripod without movement and the only thing moving is the image on screen!
Excellent product, wonderful inexpensive Sports Camera! 

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