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AirSick Airbrush Stencil Templates

Three Stencils by AirSick Stencils below, but they do have many more excellent detailed designs for you to buy as well! 
First off, the Skull was something I had to have for some fun Halloween projects I can spray paint with the design and get a spooky bag or a nice design on clothing.
The detail of this skull is wild! I mean it's excellent, so perfectly detailed form nose to eye sockets and even the teeth! My mom even enjoys the design of this stencil and she's a huge skull fan. The size of  the stencil is close to a 10 inches of the object in height and near 7 inches from side to side. For quality, this is one of those reusable stencils that can stand to be used over and over, without becoming destroyed fast. Therefore, this is an excellent stencil and so much use will come from it!
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Now I love the birds! There are three Sparrows on this Reusable Template and each are sized a bit differently, but with the same detailed design. The best part is if I'm working with a smaller size item or larger size one, I can use either size or all three. It's just so versatile and works with so many materials and even a great way to add a tattoo to a body. I enjoy the beautiful design and can make them with so many colors of paint and my airbrush machine. Excellent size and lovely design.
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There are four different designs for animal patterns on this template. It has a leopard, fish scales, reptile and zebra style pattern. However, each are so nicely done that they look just like the real animal or creature. So I could take a reptile pattern and use it to make a dragon design or snake, and same with leopard or zebra template pattern. It's so easy to get a perfect skin pattern for the right animal wtih this Set of Stencils. 

Plus, the quality of the product is wonderful! I can reuse and still come out with the same design over and over, without it breaking down or becoming destroyed fast. Finally, it's an excellent set of patterns and can be used in so many different products and designs. Excellent product!

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