Tuesday, September 29

3D Bubble Writer By Linda Scott

The Book, 3D Bubble Writer by Linda Scott is so much fun to use for writing everyday notes or just fun to write funky bubble, shadow and so many other designed letters and words in the book. The book is so creative and designed to give the 3D look to words, letters and even numbers, while you write. I love the different ideas and fun and adventurous things I can create from this book.
I can do my bubble writing for cards, for messages, or pretty much as a great font on a cover page! This book has everything and great way to practice and learn new ones as I go through the book. I however, won't use the book to actually write in, but take a separate page and use the lessons/ideas and try them out. I think this is just going to be so much fun and the book makes me want to get creative and inspires me.  
Also to mention that this isn't just for writing 3D Letters, but to also create some interesting art with the letters as well. There is a piece on Origami or adding them to ribbon and just a bunch of different ideas you can do with words and letters. It makes you be creative and want to try the new ideas out, found in the book.
If your interested in making some excellent designs with words and fun 3D Bubbling designs for your next message you write to someone or maybe if your like me and want to scrapbook with some new designs, than this is the book to get! It's just so much fun and honestly everyone can use it or work with it in any type of projects.
Information About The Author:
Linda Scott is a successful London-based illustrator and printed textile designer. She has produced work for some of the world's leading retailers, independent labels and designer boutiques. Her creative work has also featured in museum exhibitions, art shows and international publications. Her books How to be the Best Bubble Writer in the World Ever! and My Monster Bubble Writer Book are published by Laurence King.

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