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WeRecord Electronic Device Reviews

Below I have 5 WeRecord electronic device reviews.

This is the coolest! I am a big fan of 35mm film and to be able to transform them into JPEGs and share on my computer with others is excellent The product works wonders and does exactly what it was built to do! 

The entire thing is very easy to set up, and doesn't take much reading through the manual. You have everything in front of you, inside the box. I don't even need another device to be able to view exactly what I'm saving and transforming to JPEG Format. Some have those no screen to view what your saving, but this allows you to take a glimpse and saves you time than looking on the computer and having bad photos or ones you didn't want to keep.
For the size it's very small not very huge and easy to carry or port where every I need to take it. 

Features I enjoy about the Werecord Scanner Digitizer:
  • SD Memory - The SD card goes into the back 
  • Viewing screen on top - easy to view what is being saved and transformed into JPEG Form.
  • Size - not a huge device to store and doesn't weigh so much to lift and bring where is needed.
  • Simple to Use- Not much to understand, but the manual is there if needed. The entire thing is used without another device and all you supply is your negatives. Very nice and easy to even set up to see on your PC from this device to view these photos.
Finally, it's an excellent product and works wonderfully! I am so glad I can still enjoy 35mm and transform them into digital photos thanks to the WeRecord scanner and 

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This is an excellent way to avoid from having to store so many of my cassettes. Instead, I can change them to MP3 files and play them on my MP3 or MP4 players. I don't need to carry a huge cassettes anymore! The product works wonderful and is easy to use!
I just place the Cassette tape into the device and it records the music to a MP3 file on my computer. I can even go to the next step and burn my classics to a CD.
This is just an excellent device, that anyone can use!

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I love this Game Record Box by Digitnow! I actually have one before, but with this I can record my Wii U system, which my old one could not! This little gizmo allows me to play all my favorite games and record them to the point that I want to have saved. It's easy to use and doesn't take a lot of work to set up.
The big red record button is located on the front, where you will be able to begin recording your game play and when done you just press the button again. It's very simple and even with this box you can add a microphone and add your own recording to the game play as well.
Perfect for those who want to record the game and explain what is going on or what steps/moves your making. I love how simple this box is and how small it really is too!
It's not a huge box so it can travel or be placed by your system without taking up much space.
The entire device itself is well made, durable and a perfect gizmo for me because I love playing video games and have a collection of game systems.
Excellent Product!

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No more cassettes! I can now convert them into MP3 files with a USB flash drive. It's the easiest way for me to go from cassette to MP3 anyplace, because it's all on this device. When I'm done I can than transfer the USB flash drive to my computer and download it to my PC and save it on all the devices I want to listen it too.

I can even burn it on a disc if I want. However, this is the easiest way to enjoy my favorite Cassettes on my Smart phone or Mp3/Mp4 player.
Excellent gizmo, which is so easy to use and doesn't take much time at all!

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This is the best thing ever! I had so many Records from my mom and she loves that now we can turn them into MP3s. I wish I had this a while back, but so glad to have it now!
It not only is easy to use, but the entire thing is small and fits your typical size records on top. You than just let it play and let it download to your PC. It records all simply onto the PC and I had no problem setting it up. Everything is in the box, making it easy to use and simple to put together. Also no batteries or chargers needed, the computer powers the device to begin working with USB Cord.

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