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Ugreen - Wall Charger Adapter, Charging Cord, USB Ethernet Adapter and SATA Converter

The Ugreen Premium Micro USB Cable Charging Cord is perfect for many different Tablets, Smartphones and even Cameras, plus much more! There is like nothing this can not work with, since many devices take the micro cord. The design is something I love about the Ugreen Charging Cord because it is a nice durable cord, well made and has a sleek design than a flimsy product. The  nice flexibility makes it easy to  move it either way I need my device to face, while charging. The size fits my Smart Phones, which I have two. Also I can take it out and start charging my Bluetooth Speaker and even my cameras. The length is also very nice, as it's not too long but enough to give me that ability to sit away from my computer USB Port, while it charges and I'm using my device.

Finally, this really is the best product for my many products I have using a Micro USB Cord. I think even for a simple cord that charges, this is a very sleek and nicely designed,durable cord!
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The best way for me to charge my device in an outlet when I don't have a computer or room too! This is one of the best products I ever owned, as it's the most used and makes it easy for me to travel and charge two devices as the same time.
Plus, for the size and design, it's very easy to take in a pocket and even durable from breaking or ever breaking easily. The entire device is very nicely made and has the two USB Ports, which I love!
Now Instead of charging one, I can now continue to charge two devices and not have to worry about overcharging of one device, while another is charging. 
Thanks to the Special Design that keeps it from overheating, overcharging or destroying any device while it's plugged in. 

Finally, this is an excellent product and a very nicely made adapter!
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Perfect way to connect my phone line to a adapter with USB. No worries of having an extra port, with this I just need a USB Port on my computer and connect right to the phone line.
Simple easy and works great! Also, nice design and very easy to setup!
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This is a perfect way for attaching a regular  2.5 to 3 inch  SATA  hard drive onto my computer with just plug in and play! No additional downloading or any additional work is needed to connect this product. It fits right into the USB Port and is the right size and very light weight.
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