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The Anatomy of Stretching, Second Edition by Brad Walker

The book, The Anatomy of Stretching, Second Edition by Brad Walker makes for a perfect way to learn so many different moves to stretch your muscles and create flexibility! I am a huge fan of stretching, it keeps my body able to move and not feel pain from not using the muscles, plus allows me to be a bit stronger and flexible. The different illustrated examples come in handy big time! I love the guide as some I had no ideas how to stretch and now can learn some new moves to reach those muscles and areas I want to address.

The favorite of mine has to be stretching my Standing Lean-Back Side Stretch, as it reaches my lower back and helps with the pain I get and can't seem to relieve with normal movements /stretches. However, in this book I'm learning about so many new and interesting types that really come in hand and seem to even be perfect for my family who suffer with pain in their backs and legs. The book itself is excellent in the order of information and makes it easy to point out what part of the body I want to fix or rebuild flexibility in. This is definitely something that won't go to waste and can support and help so many, plus if your in the Physical Therapy Field, Massage, or even Yoga. Also, sports people this is a great way to start and end after every work out or game!
Information About The Author:
Brad Walker is an internationally known stretching and sports injury consultant with 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. His other books include The Stretching Handbook and The Anatomy of Sports Injuries. He lives in Queensland, Australia.

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