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Shamanic Astrology Lucy Harmer

The Shamanic Astrology is a wonderful Book by Lucy Harmer! it's so full of details of each  Astrology Signs and animals that correspond with that sign, and really a great way to figure out things in my life and even where my future may be heading. I really had so much interest in Astrology and this book is my first I ever actually read that I feel explains everything I needed to know and wanted to understand. 
Its actually interesting to find out my spirit animal and what is associated with being that animal and what career, money and love path follows with it! Plus, I can figure out anyone else from friends to family members and seeing what they are and how we compare or not. Its definitely a really neat book, full information and some illustration. 
So with this book I'm now learning what secret talents follow being that certain spirit animal and revealing my color, strength and so much more that resembles or works with who I am.  
Finally, I think for the most part this is something fun for everyone to enjoy and learn even more about their selves as I have.

Information About The Author:
Lucy Harmer is an international author and teacher, whose other books include Discovering Your Spirit Animal: The Wisdom of the Shamans. As a shamanic practitioner Lucy has studied and worked with meditation teachers and shamans from around the world. She has been a feng shui and space clearing consultant since 1994 and has been personally trained for more than fifteen years in the art of space clearing and feng shui by a Balinese priest.

Lucy is an acclaimed speaker at alternative health and well-being events worldwide, has published articles in international media, and appears regularly on Swiss television. She is also founder and director of the Innerelf Centre, a thriving business that promotes transformative and inspirational living. Lucy is currently based in Switzerland. You can visit her at

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