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Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs, Revised by Lew Olson

 The book, Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs, Revised by Lew Olson is full of excellent ways to feed and make sure your dog is getting the right nutrition! I love that it's easy to understand and very informative with the required nutrition your do will need and what to avoid. I always was curious to why some things aren't allowed and even though my mom tends to feed her dogs a little bit of her food, even things that they shouldn't have, this book explains what is important in a dogs nutrition and that you can make( cooked/raw) at home. In my opinion, I love how that this book can make me a chef for my dogs, verse buying them store dog food. I rather supply healthy nutritious meals as if they were my kids. 
If I can support a healthy long, strong dog than I want to do my best and learn more from this book as it's been helping so far! The best part is this book also has a section to help heal or treat problems your dog may have, such as allergies and thyroid problems.
Honestly, our dogs are family and they should be treated like equals, so that is why I find having a book to feed them better and help them live healthier and longer lives is something I want for my chihuahuas and any other dogs I may own in my lifetime!
Information About The Author:
Lew Olson, LMSW, PhD, has been active in the sport of dogs since 1974. She has shown dogs in both performance and conformation events and is currently an American Kennel Club (AKC) and United Kennel Club (UKC) dog show judge. Olson holds a master's degree in social work and a doctorate in natural health. As a graduate student, she worked as a research assistant and continues to research and author articles on dog health and nutrition, with articles in numerous dog publications, including the Total Rottweiler, the Rottweiler Quarterly, Mein Hund, AKC Gazette Breed Column, and numerous dog newsletters. She has given many seminars on "Feeding Your Dog a Fresh Food Diet" and releases a monthly newsletter, with over 8,000 subscribers, via the B-Naturals website. She also runs the K9Nutrition Yahoo! group and is active on Facebook, where she assists members with questions concerning dog nutrition and health.

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