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My Fashion Doodles and Designs 200 Activities to Sketch, Color and Create By Frances Moffatt

This is one awesome doodle book! I really wanted something that can help me be creative and learn about different fashion designs, this book does it for me! I have here all different types of clothes and accessories that are in all different shapes, sizes and designs. What I love is that I can personalize it now with my own doodle inside the image after drawing.

It's also a great way to practice drawing such wonderful designs for fashion styles and unique pieces. It also really helps me draw fashion items perfectly with the simple look of the book. Plus included is some patterns for different looks on each clothing piece and accessories. I love that there are so much I can make and little ideas to what I can make or try doing next, with each page! I actually have to say with in the book it allows me to be as creative as I like to be. 
Finally, there are so many designs I really love in this book and ways I can add my own dazzling look to each piece by adding one design and another or just one I make up. However, I use this book it really is a great handy tool for making more spectacular pieces of my own creation! Fun for everyone and so easy to use and create doodles with!
Information About The Author:
Frances Moffatt is an illustrator specializing in fashion, beauty and lifestyle and a visiting lecturer on the Fashion Enterprise degree course at Cleveland College of Art & Design. Her work is characterized by dynamic line work, combined with vibrant color and bold pattern and texture.
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