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Muscle Energy Techniques John Gibbons

The book, Muscle Energy Techniques by John Gibbons is wonderful! It's a great book for helping others and you understand ways to improve muscle strength and improve circulation. I actually have a degree in physical therapy as an aide and yet this really comes in handy for me because it refreshes and gives me ideas to help others repair and get back into healthy shape, while recovering. the book is so full of information and actual visuals how to repair and provide helpful ways to increase circulation and healing.

The techniques and information is very useful and allows for easy understand ace of each technique and what they do for the patient or person your helping. I love each step and the colored photos of realistic people. Its very wonderful way to understand and very useful!

This is perfect for so many different course in health and fitness. I am so pleased to have found a wonderful book like this!
Information About The Author:
John Gibbons is a registered osteopath with the General Osteopathic Council in the UK. He works with elite-level athletes in a range of sporting disciplines and serves as osteopath to the Oxford University Boat Club rowing team. An international lecturer in the fields of sports medicine and physical therapy, he offers advanced training in his Bodymaster Method, a unique fusion of therapy techniques that approaches the body as a complex integrated unit. The author lives in Oxford, England.

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