Friday, August 7

Make Pompom Animals: Creative Craft Kit-Includes yarn, templates, and instructions by Creative Publishing International

The book, Make Pompom Animals: Creative Craft Kit by Creative Publishing International is a terrific book of making cute and adorable animals form pompoms. It's all about yarn and making round fluffy soft critters with the directions in the book. It's so easy to do and so much fun! I love the cute birds and the rest as well! It's super simple and so easy with this kit because you get everything you need to start making these animals.

I always wanted to learn how to make these adorable pompoms and now I know I can with this guide, plus the tools that come along with it. It's an excellent gift and fun project for kids and families to do together. I love the entire set of yarn with the many colors that help you achieve the look of each different animal in the book.

Wonderful kit!

More Information About The Author:
Creative Publishing international is a worldwide publisher of how-to books. The company's current retail offering includes over 300 titles on topics covering home improvement, home decorating, sewing, crafting, hunting & fishing, and photography. Over the past 15 years, CPi has developed high-quality photography step-by-step books with nationally recognized brand partners like Black and Decker and Singer.

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