Tuesday, August 18

Fashion Drawing For Dummies by Lisa Arnold, Marianne Egan

The book, Fashion Drawing For Dummies by authors Lisa Arnold and Marianne Egan is an excellent way to understand fashion drawing and begin making some yourself!
I always wanted to understand how to create fashion drawings to go with the actual designs I sew up, but had no idea. However, this book really helped guide me through the different ways and uses of style and angles to make your drawing more accurate and would catch the eye of many as an actual idea for a real person to wear.  
The detailed information and step by step guidance really does help out a lot and for being a beginner it's been making an entire difference in the way I think of style and new ideas that I could apply to traditional looks. The information on textures, poses and accessories as well as angles and different looks is wonderful! The wide range of ideas are now like in my head thanks to this book and for being so easy for beginners, I would highly recommend this to everyone who wants to learn to doodle or understand fashion drawing.

Finally, all I can say this is an excellent book and is one of my top favorites. I am not only learning but it's actually inspired me to create more ideas and designs that I wouldn't of came up with on my own. 
Information About The Author:
Marianne Egan teaches fashion illustration and design, apparel construction, and more. Lisa Smith Arnold teaches art and drawing, including fashion illustration, at Norwalk Community College.?She has also served as creative coordinator and fashion editor at several major publications.

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