Thursday, August 20

Crenova® UM012C USB Digital Microscope 5MP Video Microscope 300X Magnifier Camera

 The Crenova USB Digital Microscope is an excellent with 5MP the view of the object is pretty clear. I love that it comes with it's own little ruler board to add the object on to with a few stay put clips. It allows the item to stay still and keep an idea how large or small the object is before looking through the microscope.
What I love is the design and the easy to use Magnifier, as I can move it from 0-300 easily. Also, I'm able to remove the microscope and hold the nonslip exterior to take a closer view of the object I'm magnifying. For projects, study or my collection of gemstones and coins, this really comes in handy and is very much more interesting to get a view of it on my computer.
The entire setup is very easy, everything is in the box. I pretty much just supply the object, which can be pretty much anything I want to examine and I'm ready to view nice clear images on my Computer as well as take recordings if I want, instead of still photos.
Excellent product, very nicely created!

Here is a Video on how to use the Microscope:

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